Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ramblings From A Pastor's Wife and Verse Cards

Our ladies Bible study group is going through the book "The Best Yes."   Our journey is a little slower than most because we can never fit in all the stuff we are supposed to in our timeframe.  We are splitting our sessions up into 2 chapter increments instead of the proposed 3.

Today's printable goes along with chapters 5 and 6 in the book.  It is such a great study and if you have not read the book I highly recommend it!  

I suggest and recommend many books here on the blog and in counseling.  We love to do Bible studies such as Beth Moore, James MacDonald, Mark Batterson, Jennifer Rothschild, Elizabeth Geroge, Jim Burg, John Piper, John MacArthur, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Kay Arthur, Lysa Terkuerst, and the list could go on forever.  As with any book, author, or speaker it is important to line up everything with Scripture.  There may be times when we come across things that we may not agree with 100% and that's okay if we know how to work through these things.  

Everything that is written or spoken by human can have mistakes. 

I think it is important to know that. 

 If everything that comes out of my mouth 100% of the time is accurate than I am either walking in the Spirit and displaying His fruit 100% of the time (which we know is not possible), or I am in heaven.  This is the same with writers and speakers (including my husband).  

Many people throw out great authors because they don't agree 100% with their thoughts but may I say that we can't agree 100% with anyone but Christ.  On the flip side, if a new believer can't weigh these things then it is probably not best to guide them to a book they won't be able to properly discern.  Also,  there are authors that I don't read because of  non-negotiable theological differences.  I do feel like there are many false prophets, 50% truthers,  and authors writing junk.  These should be avoided as they will lead astray or are just a waste of time and money.  

My whole point is that many times we can find a great author who believes what we believe and yet says something out of character in her/his writing.  We should weigh everything with Scripture no matter the author or speaker because there is no way we can speak 100% truth at all times because we are not perfect.  As readers and listeners, we need to be forgiving while at the same time asking God for His perfect truth to line up in our hearts and minds.  

I hope this makes sense... 

You may think I went on a rabbit trail...

BUT, as we continue in the book in chapter 7 of "The Best Yes" you may find that you don't agree 100% with her thoughts on our decision-making.  Lysa Terkuerst says that there is no such thing as a perfect decision.  I don't think she meant it the way it came across and while I don't agree 100% it is good for us to examine and search Scripture to see what God says about our decision-making.  Can we make a 100% perfect decision? 

 I believe we can...But search Scripture to see what God says.  

It's times that I don't agree with someone that growth occurs the most because it makes me solidify my beliefs by lining it up to 100% truth, God's Word. I will share more of my thoughts in a later post (because this is getting long) on why I think we can make a perfect decision.  

Much love,

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Easter Stationary in Three Designs

Today I have created for you printable Easter stationary.   It says, "Happy Easter" with "He Is Risen" under the heading.  There are three different designs on each page to keep your letter writing interesting.

The picture above is what it will look like on paper.  You will receive three designs plus an Easter egg of each design as well.  The cards will print a little less than 4x6.  This will be perfect for a 4x6 envelope to avoid folding.   For best result use white or cream 8.5x11 cardstock.  I prefer white, but cream paper should give it an antique look.   FYI - If you decide to use cream it will alter the colors a bit.    



Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Prayer Blessings

This week has been an abundant week of answered prayer!  Last Sunday, my prayer journal started out with asking God for 7 miracles in our midst and by Sunday evening God had already begun to work in hearts and lives to answer six of those requests.  

This past week we have seen so many amazing things that only God could do.  I can’t go into specific things here on the blog, but I can share a little of what God has done in our midst and through our ministry. 

1.      God has softened hearts.  This is one that I really can't go into much detail about.  We all know of times where we have asked God to change hearts and He has.  This is what has happened with many people in our midst this week!  To me, a change of heart is a God-sized task because I know that there isn't anything in man  that can change the hearts of people.  

2.   God really worked in my children's life in the area of prayer this week.  They have more of a desire to pray than before.  

3.   I have been praying a specific prayer request for my husband the past few months.  This week God answered that request in a great and mighty way!

4.   I had a greenway praise.  A lady came right up to me while I was walking.  She told me that she was praying as she walked.  When I told her that was exactly what I was doing she gave me a big hug and went on her way.  God used that situation in a mighty way to confirm the Miles of Prayer that we have started.  

5.    The first graders in our school are impacting our community in amazing ways.  This past week they went around to businesses in the community passing out goodie bags with church invites.   I can't wait to see the fruit of that outreach!

6.  God used a young lady in our church in a powerful way to speak in the public schools this week about purity.  Even though she wasn't able to share specifically about Christ she was used in a great way to plant a seed.  She is going on a missions trip this summer to South Korea.  You can read about her calling here.  

7.    Our whole high school body went on a 1 ½ mile prayer walk this week.  

8.  God saved two people out of the pit of death this week.  I can't go into any detail, but this is HUGE!  God is SO good!

9.  Mark and our head deacon are heading to Zambia within the next month.  They will be speaking at a Pastor's conference with 150 Zambian pastors.  They are getting all geared up to go and can't wait to see how God uses them.  The praise is that  God has raised almost all the money for the Pastor’s Zambia trip and more is coming in.   

10.  We had a teen Lock-In this past Friday night.  We are so thrilled that 5 teens committed their lives to Christ.  Hallelujah!  

11.  Last night our church prayer meeting was awesome!  We had new faces and we are praying that God doubles our prayer night attendance.  

We also have heard many praise reports coming from the ladies that attended the Ladies Prayer Advance.  We have been receiving reports all week long from Evangelist Harold Vaughn.  To find out more about the Prayer Advance check out their website. .  It is so neat to see the winds of revival blowing in these churches.  Praise the Lord!!

  •  Altar filled at both services. To God be the glory.—MD
  • We had three saved—NC
  • Great service. I started furnace room today, it was hot in the furnace room (prayer room)!!!—VA
  •  God is bringing a soberness about spiritual truth!—VA
  • Great day!!! Two hands for salvation. Spirit of expectation! Big crowds, new first-time visitors, two incredible testimonies. 1300 plus Easter invites have gone out. 5 adults stated their need for salvation yesterday at a funeral...—VA
  • "70-80 at the Revival prayer meeting today. Some faces I have never seen at a prayer meeting. Great spirit of repentance and renewal."  This was on a Saturday morning.  
  • "Blow out teen prayer meeting last night. We replaced lesson time with 40 minutes of prayer on our knees. Lots of passionate praying, confession, tears, & humility!!! 1 kid asked my forgiveness for how much he's disrespected me of late!! God is on the move!!!!!"
  • GOD SHOWS UP! I just had to tell you what God did at Temple Baptist Church yesterday March 15, 2015! We had a handful of ladies this year that attended the Ladies' Prayer Advance. As you know there was a lot of emphasis on the missing person of prayer, praying your prayers not saying your prayers, and asking God to show up and show off. The ladies from our church entered into the sanctuary Saturday evening when we got back from the prayer advance and we prayed all of these things! We prayed for these things with complete confidence expecting God to show up! Well during the first service we know that one got saved and the altar was full and there were tears of brokenness! God was not done yet! At the evening service the whole church was at the altar! People who I have never seen at the altar were on their knees! They were weeping! Our church was united! Every soul even the little ones! We were all seeking the Lord! Hallelujah! I know God is going to continue this Holy Fire, A most VEHEMENT flame (Song of Solomon 8:6)! We want to see what He is going to do! We want Him to keep showing up and showing off! Thank you and your staff for praying for us! — Overflowing (NC)
  • We shared our testimonies at the morning service at Hornerstown Baptist today and the ladies that didn't come with us this year are already so excited about next year! (NJ) 
  •   Oh brother!! What wonderful testimonies we heard from the women today. Pastor never got to the pulpit, but Jesus was lifted HIGH!—NC
  • It was all so good...such rich spiritual food for my soul! – (VA)

  • It was awesome. Service went over by 1/2 hr. and the testimonies were all so powerful. The ladies were blown away by the winds of revival from the LPA! Something's happening.—MD

  • Praise the Lord GOD SHOWED UP and SHOWED OFF! – (NJ)

  • Thankful that I shared a amazing time at the Prayer Advance with these ladies!! Thank you Harold and Debbie Vaughan for your ministry. – (WV)

  • Our women were all so moved, so full, so expectant. Brother, you will never know, this side of heaven, how the Lord has blessed His church through you. (WV) 

You can probably imagine that our hearts are overwhelmed with God's goodness!  He is displaying His glory for all to hear and see.  We don't know how much time we have left here on earth, but let's pray that revival comes to our nation again before His return.

How is God answering prayer in your neck of the woods?  I would love to hear!
Much love,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Free Printable Easter Verse Cards

Life is creeping up on me so fast.  I can't believe that Easter is in just two weeks.  Is anyone else having this same issue or is just me?  

Today, I wanted to create something that everyone could put in Easter goodie bags.  You can use these for so many other things as well.  These are great witnessing tools, memory verse cards, reminders, and invites to church.  To make these invites just simply put your church information and Easter service time on the back.  

I would love to know if you use these for any type of outreach and what the results were.  I am praying God uses His Word in a powerful and mighty way!  

Feel free to share these! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

"The Circle Maker" Giveaway

I started reading the book "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson this week and it is powerful.  I would love for one of my readers to win a brand new copy of this book.  You only have to do one thing to be entered into the drawing, and that is to head over to my Facebook page and comment on "The Circle Maker" giveaway post.  That's all!  While you are there you can also like my page, but that is not a requirement.  :)

I am giving it away just to give it away! No strings attached.  To comment just follow this link. Blogging Pastor's Wife Facebook Page  I will be drawing a name from the comments on Monday, March 23rd to see who will receive this copy.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!


His Glory Awakening

I love snow, winter, sweats and sweaters, scarves, snow boots, sledding, and basically everything snow!

BUT, I am super excited about the spring this year.  For some reason, this winter has been the worst for the winter blues.  Has the winter blues hit your family?  We were sick so much this winter and I know many of you had a ton of sickness this year as well.

It is so neat how God can even use creation as great object illustrations for us.   As I look out the window yearning for spring, I am reminded that maybe this is how God wants us to feel.  We should yearn for an awakening.  We should have great expectation for the beauty and glory of creation, but also something more...

Winter can be beautiful, but it can also be a time of darkness.  These phases are so beautiful!  God uses the changing of seasons to point us to His Glorious Awakening, His Majesty, His Power over all things, and His Control over life and birth.  

Maybe this year God wants us to see His Glory revealed even more majestically than normal.  Maybe...just maybe if we wait in great expectation He may even show Himself more glorious this Spring through the awakening and revival of our churches, our nation, and our world.  
Let's not just enjoy the beauty of the season change, let's also enjoy the miraculous working of God in the lives of people!

Enjoy this first day of Spring!!
Waiting in expectation,