Friday, April 17, 2015

Printable Calendar May 2015

I am a little behind getting next month's calendar out.  My inspiration for this calendar came from this set of bowls that I found on Pinterest.  

I search Pinterest for color combo ideas for my printables.  As I was scouring Pinterest I ran across these beautiful bowls and was reminded of the verse in Isaiah 64 about us being the clay in God's hands so I included that verse on the calendar.  

I hope you are able to print and enjoy this calendar.  Check back next month for the June calendar.

FYI - my calendars are the most popular printables on my Blog.  I never thought a calendar would bring so many people to my site, but they do!  If you are dropping by for the calendar, welcome. Thank you so much for stopping by today.  

God Bless,
love colors
love colors
love colors
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Printable Verse Deuteronomy 6:4-9

I love the progression of Spring colors.  This week the predominant colors are lime green and purple. Around town, people are mowing their grass for the first time this year and there is a wonderful spirit and attitude.    

I have a printable in lime green and purple for you all this week.  I love the verses in Deuteronomy 6 where it encourages us to remember who God is and how we should follow His commands.   We cannot be wholehearted followers of Christ if we don't bind His word on our hearts.  

In our home, we have surrounded ourselves with Scripture.  Every picture, wall hanging, magnet, and decoration includes Scripture in some way.  I want to make sure that everywhere we look in our home we are reminded of God's Word.   

But, I have found that we can surround ourselves with Scripture and still forget about God throughout the day.  This verse is a great reminder to us that we need to be not only looking at Scripture, but talking about Scripture, not just a little but a lot.   This isn't something that just happens accidentally.  

I am reminded that if our heart is full of self, family, hobbies, work, pleasure, entertainment, fill in the blank...there is no room for a wholehearted love for God.   Sometimes we have it backward.  Our heart should be completely full of God and then He will help guide every other area of life.   When this happens our conversation will now flow from a heart full of God instead of a heart full of everything else.  

What is your heart full of today?  

The printable above is 8.5x11.  Two verses will print measuring 5.5x8.5.  These are a little blurry on the computer due to a smaller pixel, but when you print them they will print on a higher pixel making them clear.  

The printable above is a full page printable.  It will print 8.5x11.   I hope you enjoy these.  Bind them on your heart.  Print them and hang them on your walls!  Feel free to share and pin these for others to enjoy as well.

Enjoy this beautiful Spring day!
Much love,

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Prayer Blessings

Hi All,

I hope you are having an awesome day.  Today, in the fair town of Luray we are having a gorgeous spring day.  The beauty of God's creation and new life are surrounding us on every side.  God is so glorious.  

Each week I like to share prayer blessings, which are just answers to prayer that God has given over the last week.  It is my desire to put God's glory on display.   It is also my desire that you join me in displaying what God has done, so if you have any answers to prayer that you would like to share please email me your answers and I will share them in my weekly prayer blessings post.  

  • Garrett has been praying that God would send a check for $1,000 for the Zambian Pastor's Conference.  He was asking that it wouldn't be accumulative, but a single check.  God overwhelmed us this week and answered his prayer.  On Thursday, we received a check for $2,000 towards the Zambian Pastor's Conference.   

  • During Bible study on Thursday morning, we were praying for a gal in the church to get a job interview at a local business.  During our prayer time a cell phone chimed, and after praying we found out that this lady was given an interview!  This has happened many times during our Thursday morning prayer times together.  

  • There are 5 other requests that we have been praying for this week that were answered, but I am not able to share specific things because of the circumstances and the need to keep matters confidential.   Matters of unity, relationships, addictions, God at work in lives, and guidance have been taken to the throne room and God has displayed His mighty power, goodness, grace, and mercy in our midst.  We are truly thankful for what God is doing. 

Pray without ceasing,

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

8 Printable Verse Cards on Wisdom

There is no doubt...I need wisdom in my life.  We make so many decisions on a daily basis it starts rattling the brain.  Some decisions are easy while others are very hard and alter the course of life. No matter the decision you are making at this moment one thing is for sure, God gives wisdom generously.  James 1:5 says all we have to do is ask.  

Proverbs is a great place to find God's wisdom.  God used King Solomon to pen wise sayings that were not only applicable at that time but also today.   

Our ladies Bible study group is continuing in the study of "The Best Yes" book.  Today I have created verse cards that can be used as we learn to make wise decisions.  When seeking to make right decisions it is imperative that we are in the Word daily.  The Bible directs our hearts and minds, which then helps us to stay on the right path.  

The Word alone is a lamp for our path.  There is no other resource on earth that can be a substitute for this lamp.  

If you want direction today pick up the lamp and let it guide you to the path that God has for you! The cool thing is that while each path leads to the same place our paths will look very different.  God has a specific adventure for each of us.  Where is your path leading?   You won't know until you pick up and use your lamp!

I hope you enjoy these!  


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Praying Through The Alphabet Printable Tool

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post on praying through the alphabet.  Since that time, we have had some wonderful prayer times with our children as a result.   The kids and I sat down and created a printable version for you as you pray through the alphabet with your children.  

I hope you are able to use this tool with your family.  I have created two different color combos for you to print.  Both are PDF files and will print 8.5 X 11.  

We are working on some daily prayer cards using the alphabet as well.  Hopefully, they will be ready soon!  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Prayer Blessings Week Three

This week has been filled with much spiritual warfare, but God has been so good.  We have come through the week victorious over satan and all the things that he has thrown in our direction.   Why? Because God is the victor and He has conquered death and sin.   

Our week leading up to Easter was filled with much anticipation and expectancy.   We knew that God was going to do a work and He did.  The thing is that He didn't do it in the way that we expected and I am so glad.  God has a specific plan and agenda and it is His will that we bring glory to Him!  So today it is my goal and aim to bring glory to God.

For the past few weeks, we have been praying specifically for 7 different people to attend church on Easter Sunday.  Out of those 7 five said that they would be coming to church.  One by one these people started declining and only 1 out of the 7 came yesterday.  This may seem very discouraging and it was for a moment, but God who is rich in mercy had other plans yesterday.  There are times when it is the person that makes the clear choice to reject and there are other times when circumstances like sickness happen to intervene.  We are continuing to pray for these to come to Christ, and it may just be that God will use a different avenue than what we expected.  The great thing is that He is God, He has a great plan, and He is a great Savior!  We are resting in that today.

Praise Report:  

  • We had our highest attendance yesterday in the life of the church.  To us, the only reason this is significant is that more people were able to hear about our Savior.  We do not go by numbers to record what God is doing, but the hearts and lives that He changes because of His Word going forth.  

  • 9 people trusted Christ as Savior yesterday.  17 people raised their hands saying that they needed Christ, but we only know of 9 that professed.  We are praying for the 8 that know of their need to turn to Christ.  

  • 4 people were baptized yesterday.  It was a great ending to an Easter service!

  • Over the past week, we have been praying for workers in the church.  There were so many ministries that were in need of workers to keep things running smoothly.  We are outgrowing many of our ministries, and so I had it on my heart to pray for 10 new workers.  This week God provided 10!  He also provided extra workers for the Easter service so that our nurseries would have enough staff.  God blessed abundantly and we are so grateful.  

  • We also found out this week that there will be 250 pastors coming to the Pastors Conference in Zambia.  This number keeps on growing and for that we are thankful.  Now we are praying that God will provide the funds needed so these pastors can come.   We need an extra $5,000 for these pastors.  The eternal reward far surpasses the monetary value.  We know that God will use this conference in a mighty way to reach Zambia and the Congo for Christ.  

  • We have over 200 miles of prayer recorded and are asking for more.  We know that God answers prayer and because of that we will not give up praying!  Please consider joining us in prayer.  There are horrible things going on in our world, but God wants to bring Himself glory in the midst of these things.  He wants to overcome the world and I believe that He will show us Himself more than ever before during these last days!  

Today we are praising the Lord for what He has done, and in the words of my husband, "may the power of Easter shape today, tomorrow, and the next in each of our lives."

Much love,